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02 Jan 13 Google’s Plans for 2013

Google has big plans for 2013, including completely overtaking Apple as “king of mobile technology;” rolling out broadband internet access to select locations, and phasing out a few lesser-used products. Take a look at what to expect from the search engine giant over the coming months.

Google Takes On Apple

Google is already doing pretty well in the mobile device department, especially since Android devices are pretty much the victor in the OS war. While Apple may currently have a more diverse range of apps, Google Play is catching up pretty fast. The problem is, Apple actually makes devices through their own company, whereas Google only partners with other device manufacturers to create devices. When you buy an Apple device, you know you’re getting an Apple device. When you buy a Google device, you may be getting a Samsung , an LG, or whoever else they decide to partner with. While those are excellent companies, it’s about transparency. Tech users- especially advanced users- like to know what they’re getting. They could pull off the take-down with a shift in focus, but that’s a risky move as well.

Fiber-Optic Internet and Television Service at an Affordable Price

Perhaps one of the most exciting changes in Google’s 2013 plan is the rolling out of broadband internet and television provided over fiber optic cables. Kansas City gets a taste of the new service early next year. Google will be offering amazingly fast speeds and a pretty decent cable television package for around $120. Sadly, the rest of the country is going to have to wait, as only about 180 neighborhoods are on the agenda to be wired in the first part of the year.

Retiring old products

Get ready to say goodbye to your customized iGoogle page come November, 2013. The product will be completely phased out at that time. Google apparently feels that you have plenty of other options for customizing your home page, as long as you use the Chrome browser. Several products designed to help you sync your calendar and devices are also being phased out. GoogleVideo and GoogleChatback are on their way out the door too. While these products will no longer be available, similar features in Google+ will allow you to do the same thing. Google is basically trying to streamline their features to make them easier to use.

Google is an ever-evolving company that seems to like to try new things. While that’s great for users who enjoy change and excitement, it does make some users a little nervous about trying out new services. After all, what if you get used to it and Google pulls the plug? Still, it will be interesting to see what they come up with next in 2013.


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