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24 Dec 12 Angry Birds is hitting the big screen, but will it still be popular by the time it’s ready?

Angry Birds, a little free game app created by Rovio, is taking the world by storm. What started as a casual game of slinging very grumpy birds at felonious, kidnapping pigs branched out into a massive franchise practically overnight. From spin-offs to board games to plush animals, t-shirts, toys, and more, you could theoretically deck out your entire house in Angry Birds merchandise. When something hits the big-time on that grand of a scale, it inevitably also hits the big screen in a film version. Angry Birds is no exception, and the rumors of a movie have been proven true, but don’t expect to see it until around 2016.

Rovio recently signed on John Cohen as the producer for the upcoming film. Cohen is best known for his huge success with Despicable Me, featuring a cynical wanna-be super villain in the role of slightly less than nurturing father figure to a few orphans. Cohen will be joined by David Maisel, former Chairman of Marvel Studios, as executive producer.  The two have extensive experience in creating a movie outside of studio influence, which is important because it means Rovio will maintain full creative control over the film.

Although details are still sketchy-no pun intended- the film is going to be a 3D computer-graphics animated feature. It doesn’t really make sense for a CG game to be translated into any other than a CG movie, after all. Since the creators of Angry Birds will retain creative control, the movie will likely be true to the game in the strongest sense possible. Then again, how on earth do you turn a game about slinging birds at pig-built structures into a 90 minute film? It should definitely be interesting to see how this feat is accomplished.

The biggest concern with the Angry Birds movie should be the fact that it doesn’t come out for at least another 3 years. It’s slated to appear in theaters in mid-2016. By then, will anyone really care about the ticked-off birds? The world of casual gaming, apps, and the Internet in general is an ever-changing, rapid-fire environment where something is hot one day and completely forgotten the next. Three years might as well be a century when it comes to pop culture. The only real hope Rovio has of making sure people still care about Angry Birds in 2016 is to keep continuously updating the game and creating new ways to amuse users. Honestly, though, how many ways are there to sling a bird?

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